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Ladies’ Watches

Canada Logo Face, Two-tone Link Bracelet, Bangle – Wire/Cable, Silver Link Bracelet, Bangle – Metal (G/S), Sport, Expansion – Fashion Bead, Fashion Leather, One-Piece Metal Band, Gold Link Bracelet, Bangle – Fabric, Expansion – Metal, Digital,


Men’s Watches

Canada Logo, Gold Bracelet, Biker Leather, Digital, One-piece Gold Metal, One-piece Silver Metal, Silver Bracelet, Metal Bling, Sport, Expansion Metal, One-piece Two-tone Metal, Fashion Dress Leather,


Travel alarm clocks


Children’s Watches

Digital, Miscellaneous, Butterfly, Velcro, Hands,


Key Chain Watches, Tickers Specials all year.

Sports, Transportation, Canada Logo, Animals, Miscellaneous,



Necklace Watches

Locket, Miscellaneous, Animals,


Mini Clocks

Camera, Mule Shoe w/ Daisy, Tennis Racquet, Faberge Egg, Royal Carriage, Long Haul Truck, Drums, French Horn, Rocking Chair, Windmill, Ladybug with Jewels, Slinky Moose, Cat with Heart, Laptop (Black), Sports, Baby Photo Frame, Keg, Swing Cat, Elephant, Carriage Car, Dump Truck, Antique Brass Piano, Ice Cream Sundae, Fishing Rod, Projector, Violin, Horse on Carousel, Black Mule Shoe, Rocking Horse, Baby Carriage, Hockey Sticks, Spinning Bowling, Cement Mixer Truck, Tropical Fish, Fire Engine, #1 Mom Frame, Kettle, Food, Colourful Turtle, Pig with Tail, Train, Golf Bag, Upright Piano, High Heel Shoe with Rhinestones, Jet on Globe, Golfball with Club, Slinky Cat, Carpenter Set, Tailoring Set, Vintage Sewing Machine, Red Hat, Old TV, Canada Maple Leaf, Colorful Orca, Music Stand, Toilet, Frog on a Leaf, Steam Train, Slot Machine, Helicopter, Gas Pump, Semi Trailer, Antique Pink Phone, Picnic Basket, Dune Buggy, Vintage Racecar, Sailboat, Novelty, Baby Piano, Long Wing Plane, Telescope, Emporer Penguin, Minivan, Tank, Small Sewing Machine, Football, Prop Plane, Western Boot, Jewel Tea Pot, Poker Royal Flush Cards, Red Apple, Saxophone, 727 Plane, Horse on Carousel, Stealth Plane, Colorful Water Can, USA Eagle, Leather Top Car, Space Fighter on Stand, Cell Phone, Music, Crystal Guitar, Plane on Globe Stand, Tuba, Golf Cart, BBQ, Slinky Dog, Sink, Happy Birthday Frame, Small Telephone, Cat w/Pail, Tow Truck, Golf Cart with Roof, Best Dad Frame, Painters Easel, Transportation, Colorful Oyster, Pay Phone, Toy Plane, Gardening Set, Treadle Sewing Machine, Bowling Alley, Roadster, Golfball, Ships Wheel, Ballerina Dress on Hanger, Rooster, Deluxe Train, Soccer Shoe, Cat,


Novelty Watches

Flips, Calendar/Calculator, Rings, Pocket Watches, Hooks/Clips, Canada Logo, Nurses’ Pins,


Watch Accessories

LR626 1.5V Button Cell Watch Batteries (Card of 10), Watch Band Link Adjuster Tool, LR626 1.5V Button Cell Watch Batteries (Box of 200),


Display Units

Locking Acrylic Watch And Mini Clock Table Top Display, Locking Acrylic Watch Spinner Display, Open Birch Watch And Mini Clock Spinner Display, Four-Tier Bangle Display, Two Bar Velvet Bangle Watch Display, Locking Acrylic Mini Clock Spinner Display, Locking Acrylic Shelved Counter Top Mini Clock Display,


Wholesale Packages

Unisex Oversized Leather Package (100 Watches), 50 Assorted “COMPAIRZ2” Men’s & Ladies’ Watches, Ladies Top Up Watch Package (100 Watches), 50 Assorted Pieces, 100 Assorted Pieces, Assorted Ladies One-Piece (100 Watches), Men’s Top Up Watch Package (100 Watches), 50 Assorted Ladies Bangle Watches, Agent Product Sample Package (10 Watches), 75 Assorted Pieces,

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